Saturday, November 6, 2010

Reflection on "Freeway 280," by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Poem: Freeway 280,

While reading this I pictured a dust-swept rural farming community.  Most of the members of the community are Mexican.  

They wore light colored and long-sleeved collared shirts, their sleeves rolled up, and a few of the men have straw cowboy hats upon their heads, hiding their faces from the blazing sun.  

It’s an economically depressed area, and everybody drove beater trucks.  I don’t know why exactly I pictured this situation when I first read the poem.  It is more likely that this area is near the ocean because of the mention of the little houses near a cannery.  

It seems the only connection to the outside is a freeway, which the author saw as a way to freedom during his youth.  Overall, I couldn’t piece this poem together.  I feel like I only understand it on a superficial level because I did not find much meaning or personality within it.

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