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List of NGOs Involved in the Darfur Crisis

Darfur, Sudan

The following is an alphabetical list of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) responding to the humanitarian crisis in and around the Darfur region of western Sudan, and the main service(s) they provide.

Action Against Hunger
Relief efforts focused on food security and nutrition in eastern Chad.

Supporting farmers’ groups in Chad and planning support for Sudanese refugees in Gozbebe.

Air Serv International
Providing airlifts for U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees and relief NGOs in Chad.

American Jewish World Service (AJWS)
Raising funds to rehabilitate water sources, construct sanitation facilities and promote health and hygiene campaigns.

Amnesty International
Documenting human rights violations and news about the crisis, and using information to help with advocacy and awareness.

Be a Witness
Campaign against the genocide in Darfur.

Bloggers for Darfur
News and advocacy.

CARE Canada
Providing food, water, sanitation and health assistance to internally displaced people throughout Darfur and in three camps in Chad.

CARE International
Scaling up current relief efforts focused on hygiene and sanitation to include food distribution and emergency and reproductive health.

Caritas Internationalis
Has launched a $485,500 appeal for aid and continues assisting Sudanese refugees in Chad. Also focusing on rehabiliting basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges.

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
Helping manage refugee camps in Farchana and Kounoungo. Also heading a transit centre at Touloum for refugees transferred from volatile border region.

Church World Service
Raising relief funds and leading emergency management training with partners in Sudan and providing health care in camps around Khartoum.

Civilian Protection Monitoring Team
Investigates attacks in Darfur and the impact on civilians.

Coalition for International Justice
DC based group that investigates Darfur crisis and uses public education to raise awareness.

Crisis Watch
Coalition of NGOs studying the Darfur crisis and advocating to the United Nations.

Darfur Peace and Development Organisation
Darfur Peace & Development is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization with headquarters in Washington, DC and offices in Khartoum and El Fasher Sudan. Humanitarian and development aid.

Darfur Project
Humanitarian aid: Since inception, five flights have delivered $13,846,958 in life-saving essential drugs and medical supplies. This includes three flights to Nyala, Sudan and two flight to Abeche, Chad.

Darfur Relief and Documentation Centre
The Darfur Relief and Documentation Centre (DRDC) is an independent, apolitical and not-for-profit non-governmental organisation (NGO) based in Geneva. Involved in conflict resolution and documentation of the crisis.

Genocide Intervention Network
advocacy, raising awareness

Global Witness

Investigates and campaigns against natural resource depletion and corruption.

Human Rights First
Advocacy and humanitarian aid.

Human Rights Watch
Investigation, advocacy and activism related to human rights abuses.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
*Providing medical help and clean water and sanitation in one of its biggest operations in the world.

International Criminal Court (ICC)
Prosecution of leaders and other perpetrators responsible for the crisis in Darfur.

International Crisis Group
Raising awareness, supporting humanitarian efforts.

International Medical Corps
Preparing to manage health care and nutrition programmes for 18,000 to 25,000 people in three camps, including immunisations for children.

International Rescue Committee
Focusing on water and sanitation, primary health-care needs, children and services for women and children vulnerable to sexual violence in Darfur and eastern Chad.

Justice for Darfur
Campaign supported by human rights organisations worldwide, calling on the international community to ensure the prompt arrest and surrender to the International Criminal Court (ICC) of all the persons subject to an ICC arrest warrant for crimes against humanity or war crimes committed in Darfur, Sudan.

Health care support, rehabilitation and supply of essential drugs. Has tripled its current programmes to meet mushrooming needs of IDPs.

Médecins Sans Frontières
*Providing medical, food and water and sanitation assistance to almost 250,000 displaced people. Vaccinating children against measles.

Minority Rights Group
Working through partner Delibaya Nuba Women Development Organisation to redevelop and resolve conflict.

Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Collecting and analysing information on internal displacemt in Darfur and other regions of Sudan.

Project: Darfur
Educate people, especially students, about the crisis in Darfur.

*Providing latrines and clean water and promoting hygiene in El Fashir and Kebkayia in North Darfur. Planning similar work in South Dafur. Working with local partner to provide facilities to refugee camps in Chad.

Refugees International
Surveying extent of displacement in Sudan and Chad.

Save the Children
Distributing plastic sheeting for shelter, jerry cans and blankets, as well as food for more than 100,000 IDPs.
He said that the conference would issue an action plan for enhancement of the humanitarian aid situation in Darfur. The minister referred to endeavours of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to strengthen the partnership with the United Nations and the non- governmental organizations, stressing that transparency is required in the dealing with international community's organizations.

Save Darfur Coalition
Coalition of over 100 faith based organizations, raising awareness about the darfur conflict and relief efforts, providing up-to-date information on the conflict.
How to take action: and download the search toolbar for IE or Firefox. Each search raises money to help the D arfur crisis.

Small Arms Survey
Studying the movement, distribution and presence of firearms in Darfur.

Student Anti-Genocide Coalition
Organizing students and others to take action to stop the Darfur crisis.

Sudan Social Development Organisation
aka SUDO, aiding civilians who have been affected and displaced by the conflict.

United Nations
A massive organizer of the NGOs in Darfur. Providing education, advocacy, and aid. Financial aid of the effort to stop the conflict.

World Health Organisation
Focusing on medical and humanitarian aid.

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  1. Hi,I highly appreciate you post.I'd like to share few point with you
    There IS a crisis in Darfur, but it is not genocide. It is a conflict over water resources between tribal forces which has been manipulated by former colonialists Britain and France. There is a war going on among 20 rebel factions (with most of their leaders living well in London and Paris) and the government.Thanks you so much!!!