Sunday, April 14, 2013

Self Report Quality of Life Survey for people with schizophrenia - SQLS

Items in the SQLS
  1. I am bothered by my shaking/trembling.
  2. I feel unsteady walking.
  3. I feel angry.
  4. I am troubled by a dry mouth.
  5. I can't be bothered to do things.
  6. I worry about my future.
  7. I feel lonely.
  8. I feel hopeless.
  9. My muscles get stiff.
  10. I feel very jumpy and edgy.
  11. I am able to carry out my day-to-day activities.
  12. I take part in enjoyable activities.
  13. I take things people say the wrong way.
  14. I like to plan ahead.
  15. I find it hard to concentrate.
  16. I tend to stay at home.
  17. I find it difficult to mix with people.
  18. I feel down and depressed.
  19. I feel that I can cope.
  20. My vision is blurred.
  21. I feel very mixed up and unsure of myself.
  22. My sleep is disturbed.
  23. My feelings go up and down.
  24. I get muscle twitches.
  25. I am concerned that I won't get better.
  26. I worry about things.
  27. I feel that people tend to avoid me.
  28. I get upset thinking about the past.
  29. I get dizzy spells.

Demographic questions
Employment status
Leisure time / recreation
Family relationships
Romantic relationships
Physical health
Mental health
Personal safety
Medical and mental health diagnoses

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