Monday, November 8, 2010

Benefits of golf

Golf is a beneficial game to those who play it. Physiologically speaking, golf is helpful. Despite that many non-players see the game as easy, it actually requires a very athletic person to play it well. The body must be able to twist and bend a lot in order to play a round of golf. Players who are not in good shape will be very sore after hitting a few balls, especially if they are not warmed up. The coordination of the body with the mind in golf is very important. Taking a full swing requires almost the entire body to work together. Good golfers tend to be consistent, and being consistent requires the body to be functioning well with the mind. Also, if a player does not have a cart, they will be doing a lot of walking, and walking is a nice low impact way to stay in shape (especially for old people).

Psychologically, golf is beneficial mainly because it teaches the player to have a clear mind. A good swing requires very attentive focus. In this way, golf is a great way to relax because it allows the player to become completely engrossed in the game while it is being played.

Golf is a great social tool for a number of reasons. First of all, golf has more etiquette rules than you can shake a club at. These rules are paramount to a good round of golf, because without them the game would fall apart. They range from things like replacing any divots to yelling, “Fore!” when a ball could hit a person to being ready to having a club chosen by the time a player is ready to hit. All of the etiquette rules are based around being respectful and a good sport, which are very important skills to have in life. Getting mad and yelling or cussing is just not a part a golf, like it is in other sports. This may be why business people play lots of golf, as social relationships are very important in business. A lot of important business meetings take place along with a round of golf.

Golf is beneficial to players physiologically, psychologically and socially. It takes a lot of practice and a good attitude to excel at, and when it is played properly it can be played for a lifetime.

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