Monday, November 8, 2010

Golf Q&A

What is a spoon?
A spoon is the original name for a 3-wood, named such because traditionally the face had a concave face, like a spoon.

What is the name of the golfer that won 11 consecutive tour events? He just recently passed away.
Byron Nelson

What is Tiger Woods' real name?
Eldrick Woods

What is the difference between match play and stroke play?
Match play is a scoring system where each hole is either won, lost or halved. In match play the winner is the person who won the most holes. In stroke play, the player who used the fewest number of strokes to complete the golf course is the winner.

Should women be able to play on the PGA tour?
When it comes down to it, women are not excluded from the PGA Tour. However, few women are really good enough to play on the PGA Tour. While the golfers of the LPGA and PGA average similar putts per hole, the men outdrive the women by about 30 yards. It is also pretty much a well known fact that any average to below average male PGA player would own the LPGA Tour. So the LPGA is definitely needed to give women a chance to compete professionally. As for the PGA Tour, it would be sexist to keep women off the tour because technically it is not the “Men's” PGA Tour. Perhaps a name change is needed. If it were switched to the “Men's” PGA Tour though, they would no longer be able to claim that the PGA Tour exclusively has the best golfers in the world, because there are a few women who can compete. It is also likely that more women will be able to compete with men in the future. The PGA Tour should remain open to both sexes so that the world's best golfers, male, female, or ambiguous, can play against each other, even if it has traditionally been a men's association.

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