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The Six Part Assessment, a writing model and grading system

The Six-Part Writing Assessment Model

I. Ideas and Content

Class 5 Paper

The paper is clear and holds the reader's attention.

details make the subject clear and interesting

the topic is focused, and important details stand out

Class 3 Paper

The paper does not hold the reader's attention completely.

it is sometimes difficult to understand what the writer is trying to say

some ideas are clear; some ideas are fuzzy

minor ideas and main ideas receive the same amount of detail

Class 1 Paper

The paper is unclear and has no purpose.

the writer doesn't know enough about the topic

ideas go off in all directions

ideas are not developed

II. Organization

Class 5 Paper

Ideas, details, and examples are presented in an order that makes sense.

paper has an inviting beginning and a satisfying ending

ideas and details are tied together

details fit where they are placed

3 Paper

The reader can follow the content, but organization is a little unclear or may not work well.

the introduction and ending may be weak

ideas and details are not always tied together

some details are out of place

1 Paper

Too many ideas tossed together make the paper hard to follow.

ideas are not tied together and seem out of order

in a story, it is hard to tell what happened first, next, or last

III. Voice

5 Paper

The writer is sincere, individual, honest, and cares deeply about his or her topic.

the writer cares about his or her ideas

the paper shows originality, liveliness, and suspense

3 Paper

The writer puts his or her ideas across but does not get very involved.

the reader can guess what will come next

the writer repeats ideas or phrases he or she has heard

1 Paper

The writer doesn't care about his or her topic and doesn't take it seriously.

the writer doesn't understand the topic

the writer is not writing for anyone in particular

the paper is flat, lifeless, and has no feeling

sentences are difficult to read aloud

IV. Word Choice

5 Paper

The writer carefully selects words to make the message clear.

words are accurate, strong, and specific

the writer experiments with words in new and interesting ways

the writer uses colorful expressions, figurative language, and well-developed imagery

words are fresh, original, and fun to read

3 Paper

The writer chooses ordinary words and uses them in an ordinary way.

words are general

the writer may use new words incorrectly

the writer may use slang or cliché expressions

1 Paper

The writer uses a small vocabulary and uses repetitions of the same words.

words are vague and flat

no new words are attempted

words are vague; images are not clear

V. Sentence Fluency

5 Paper

The paper is easy to read and flows smoothly.

the writing sounds natural, not forced or choppy

sentence structure is varied and adds interest

sentence structure is correct

the writing is not wordy

3 Paper

Sentences are understandable but not smooth.

the reader may have to reread to follow the meaning

many sentences start the same way

simple sentences are used well, but the writer has trouble with longer sentences

the writing may be wordy

1 Paper

Sentence flaws make the paper difficult to understand.

the writer does not understand where one idea stops and another begins

sentences are awkward, rambling, and confusing

sentences are short and choppy

sentences are difficult to read aloud

VI. Conventions/Usage

5 Paper

There are no glaring errors in writing conventions, and the paper is easy to read.

punctuation is correct and aids understanding

spelling is accurate

there are no major errors in grammar

paragraphs start and stop in the right place

3 Paper

The reader can follow what is being said, but enough mistakes are present that understanding content is difficult.

punctuation errors show careless editing

spelling errors make the reader stop to figure out what is meant

paragraphing is questionable

1 Paper

There are so many errors that the reader has a hard time getting through the paper.

parts are impossible to understand

capitalization and punctuation are not used or are incorrect

spelling and/or grammar errors are very common

paper is only one paragraph long, or every sentence is a paragraph

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